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The hearing aid consists of a Super Master Body Worn Hearing aid that is couples to an Oticon bone conduction receiver (BC 461-1).  The device attaches to a metal headband.

The hearing aid uses a AA battery.

The body worn hearing aid (air conduction fittings) fits 40-100 dB hearing losses.

There are N and H tone controls, an on/off switch and a volume dial numbered 1-7. A telecoil switch is also available. Please note: the battery door and volume control dial are not tamper proof but can be taped.

A storage case and a user guide (English and Hindi languages) are included.

Suggestions for pediatric patients:

Utilize a modified soft headband and use a body worn pouch or pocket sewn into clothing.


The cost per device is $190.

Additional product and ordering information will soon be provided.

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